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Creator of The Fleur de Lis Saga

Skye Davenport is no ordinary thief. She has the ability to foresee danger, and she believes stealing from the wicked is justice served right.


Her life takes a different turn when she brings her brother, Christian, on a dangerous mission that leads them to a supernatural world of the 



A war has been going on for centuries, predators lurk within the shadows, hiding and waiting for the right time to attack. Skye knows that she and her brother are the only gifted humans that can stop this war, but there are more filthy beasts to catch, murders to uncover and secrets to be revealed.


What happens when the hunters become the hunted?

Angeline Moretti is a woman of two different lives. A stunning actress by day and a party girl by night. In the time of the roaring twenties, New York City is hustling and bustling. Angeline has no time to settle down, but for a woman with two lives there are two men who desperately yearn for her heart. The wealthy and charming James Howard, and the speakeasy bad boy Link Cartell.

Be prepared to enter a world of legendary flappers, fabulous parties and dashing gangsters. Once you've stumbled into Link's Wonderland, you can never go back! 

Author Angelica Markus

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